This Popcorn Needs More Salt

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Is there a blog I can follow that has Australian seasonal posts in it? Like, a blog that posts a bunch of pictures of flowers and parks and Sping-like stuff in September and not a bunch of Autumn themed gifs, pics etc? 

Because I’d rele like that. 

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Sm blog - fyi.

I think it’s worth mentioning that my life is generally okay, it’s just that uni and work are really stressful and overwhelming and taking up most of my days. So it feels like my whole week is just stress stress stress and I want to run away from that. But - everything else is fine, I have my feelings that I am dealing with about my friends, my weight, my constant self doubt etc but everyone does and my woes aren’t special.

What I am trying to say is that I’m alright, just mainly frustrated and exhausted by uni which magnifies everything else at the moment.

If that weren’t so in my face I’d be coping just fine.

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Blog - deferring (uni and by extension my life)

I’m tired. 

I’m so tired. 

This years marks the end of the third year of my BA. I haven’t taken my BA at full speed because I am a person who can’t handle more than 4 subjects, I learned that about myself after an absolutely awful first year where I graduated with a GPA so shameful I won’t even tell of it.

Prior to that I did have a year break to work, save, and spend time with myself. I enjoyed that time. I improved as a person and it really was a time where I was just happy. I haven’t been happy for such a long time.

Prior to that, I studied full time at TAFE doing more music, and that lasted two years.

So I’ve been teaching and studying for five of the last six years and I am just so tired.

I want my degree, I really do. I am just so tired of it, and I am ready for something different. Maybe a few months abroad? Maybe working a summer camp in the USA, maybe doing some work in a third world country, maybe just staying here and doing yoga a few days a week and just enjoying being me. I don’t know. I feel like I need to do something that is going to make me happy, and currently I am not happy.

I’m just so tired, and I feel so trapped. 

Sm Blog - lush wanted $17 for something I made for $3

When I was visiting NYC I took some time to visit the Lush store on Lexington avenue, and I was taken aback by the price of their face masks. I think, if my memory serves me correctly, they were about $7 each. Today in the Lush store on Rundle Mall, Adelaide, they were from $14 to $17 each. 

I didn’t have that money to spend today, but my skin was in need of some deep hydration and love, and so I thought I’d put my skills of alchemy to the test and make my own masks. 

Lush have a few recipes for their masks and they boast that they only use ingredients that are fresh and organic (amongst other things), so I thought, “I could, effectively, make an edible mask using some of the key ingredients listed on a particular treatment”; and I did. And it worked! 

I blitzed up some oats in my processor, added a frozen banana that I defrosted (we freeze them for cakes and muffins just before breaking point), some olive oil, some honey and a few tablespoons of brown sugar as an exfoliant. When it was all gooey and combined I measured it out into two of my old Lush mask containers (which I threw in the freezer because I don’t know how long the banana would last in the fridge) and used the rest on my skin in the shower. 

Well, my face feels soft and hydrated and I kept the $17 in my pocket for more important things. 

I can buy 5.66 slices of pizza for that at Roccos.

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