This Popcorn Needs More Salt

So my life consists of many things. I have a gluten and dairy issue which I moan about often, I'm doing a BA (Mus) which I also moan about often, I post photos of myself which you can find here, I posted a video of me juggling here, and I make cards for people that I meet on the internet.

I like anime, videogames, cakes, kittens, green-tea, funny things, the people I follow.

I live in Australia, I'm 24, and I take the train heaps.

Nice to meet you, let's hang out sometime.






a brony called me unattractive












because i have hair on my legs


Self absorbed Bitch.

i’m a bitch because i can…

So taking lots of selfies makes someone self absorbed?
Um hello I have a blog on TUMBLR and I am 150000% self absorbed.
JESUS CHRIST - the girl is clearly very attractive and making an extremely valid point, shut up and get behind her.

So my mum just did battle with this.

So guess who’s got two thumbs and is going to have trouble sleeping tonight.

Also two posts ago my post count read 23,456. 

I need to chill the fuck out (but I won’t). 

The thing is, passive aggression is still aggression. 


You know that bit in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World where Todd breaks vegan-edge and is punished by the vegan police for imbibement of the half-and-half? Well, tonight I broke gluten-edge for imbibement (whatever the fuck that means) of the spaghetti pasta, and not only did I break it but I stomped all over it and wrote dirty words on it’s tombstone. 

My dear friend nekomarie gave me a jar of hand-made pasta sauce prepared lovingly by her Nonna, who is Italian, and I had no choice but to make a thing of it. So I purchased two chorizo sausages (which I know are not Italian but it had all the elements I was looking for), baby bocconcini, shaved parmesian and mixed all these things into the traditional delicious sauce and pasta combination and it was total bliss.
My stomach protested, but fuck that guy! No one asked him anyways. 

I’ve been on such a baking bender lately, and I have this strong sense of dissonance because I really want to make more cookies tonight but at the same time I really don’t. I have baked a lot over the last few days, and though I have enjoyed the catharsis that comes with a delicious bout of kitchen alchemy I have consumed over a dozen frosted cupcakes over the easter weekend and that is a very indulgant thing. 

I know, it’s the season to indulge, I just feel like I’ve hit my limit of excess. That being said, the bakers bliss does wonders for my anxiety, so much so that tonight I just couldn’t sit still without firing up the oven just once with the full intention to bake; though I never went through with it, the ingredients are on the counter just waiting to be turned into cookies as we speak).

I’ve spent a lot of time this holidays sitting around in my pajamas watching Gilmore Girls and The I.T Crowd and playing Yoshi’s Island on the SNES, and not a lot of time doing my homework. I plan to rectify that this week but I don’t know that I will have the time. Damnit, I shall have to make time. 

… well after season three of G.G.

Earth Day :)



Sweet Monday dreams.


Sweet Monday dreams.

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Why is there a spinning earth thing I don’t understand. 

By the way I think you might be the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen… outside of a really filthy magazine.
Kirk (Gilmore Girls)



Cosa è lui!

I don’t know if anyone else’s dog does this but mine does.
This being that he lays all over me like I am a rug on the floor.





America in one gif

omg the eagle exploding it

How the fuck did they get a bald eagle to wear a suit AND fist bump Steven Colbert


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